Berocca® Boost

Fatigue slowing you down? When you need a quick boost of energy, try Berocca® Boost! Get the fast-acting natural boost with Guarana and 13 essential vitamins and minerals to support energy release from food. 

SO  BEROCCA® BOOST EFFERVESCENT TABLETS. D 34.12 Multiple substance formulation. Each effervescent tablet
contains: Vitamin B1 1,67 mg; Vitamin B2 2,24 mg; Vitamin B3 18,90 mg; Vitamin B5 7,32 mg; Vitamin B6 2,70 mg; Vitamin B7
0,11 mg; Vitamin B12 1,10 mg; Folic acid 0,23 mg; Vitamin C 58,00 mg; Calcium carbonate 248,00 mg; Magnesium carbonate
160,00 mg; Magnesium sulphate 385,00 mg; Zinc citrate 30,00 mg; and Guarana seed extract 222,20 mg.
Always use as directed on the label. This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety
or intended use.

Reference 1: Kennedy DO, et al. Improved cognitive performance and mental fatigue following a multi-vitamin and mineral
supplement with added guaraná (Paullinia cupana). Appetite. 2008 (50). p. 506–513.


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