Concentration – the key to success

On a daily basis you have to be focused from morning till night: not to be late to school or work, stay alert at the wheel while driving, to be efficient at the office and also to be there for your family and friends. Do you think concentration is your problem? Do you often make mistakes? Do people who speak to you think that you do not listen to them? Do you have troubles finishing what you are doing? If you answer “yes” to at least one of those questions it means you are easily distracted. So read on for some tips as how to overcome this problem.

Why is concentration so important?

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If you are concentrated it is less likely that you will miss important information.

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Staying focused helps you memorize things more easily.

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It allows you to better mobilize your resources and refocus on yourself.

Here are some quick examples of how to check and practice your concentration:

  • Take a book and count the words in any paragraph. Then count again checking if the results match. Later you can progress to two, three paragraphs and a whole page.
  • Count backwards in your mind from 100 to 1.
  • Choose an inspiring word or phrase and repeat it in your mind for 5 minutes.

Concentration is important in everyday life. Scientists discovered that the ability to stay focused can be an important indicator of a person’s future success. Many influential and hugely successful people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates stressed the power of simplicity and focusing on priorities. As an old Zen proverb says: “When walking, walk. When eating, eat”. This quote is not only about walking or eating. It describes an approach to life. It simply states that the most important thing is to focus your attention on present activity. In that way you can achieve the best results. So what is concentration and why can you have problems with it?

Definition of concentration

Concentration is the ability to think carefully about something you are doing and nothing else. It means control of the attention. It is the ability to focus the mind on one subject, object or thought and at the same time exclude from the mind any other unrelated thoughts, ideas, feelings and sensations.

Unfortunately you can get distracted often. At work the temptation to read an email, to answer a phone, to respond to a tweet or instant message, to make a coffee or talk to a friend can destroy your schedule, force you to move meetings or be late with completing your projects. Your brain becomes quickly overworked. Instead of focusing on one task you skip from one to another, becoming less effective and losing concentration.

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Quote – Your brain needs certain vitamins and minerals that necessary for its proper functioning.

How to focus better

Your brain needs certain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for its proper functioning. Some vitamins from Group B help with concentration. They can be found in certain foods like:

  • egg yolk,
  • watercress,
  • certain cheeses,
  • some fruits and vegetables.

Magnesium is the mineral which also greatly improves the ability for concentration. The foods rich in magnesium include:

  • whole wheat,
  • spinach,
  • dark chocolate,
  • mussels,
  • beans,
  • nuts,
  • lentils.

You can also boost your concentration by doing some simple exercises. Try doing them at home or at work and watch how your concentration levels go up.

  1. For this exercise you need to sit on a chair, with your back straight and loose shoulders. Then close your eyes and focus on your breathing. When it slows down you will be able to feel yourself getting relaxed. Now you need to think of an object (it can be anything) and try to concentrate on it. Try to describe it as best as possible, view it from different angles, discover its characteristics. Then let the object go and focus on your body, stretch and open your eyes.
  2. This exercise will help with concentrating better a work. You should choose a task that you find difficult doing. First, you have to set a time frame for completing this task. This will make you work more efficiently. Second, you should make a list of all things that distract you and find the way of excluding them. Then, sort out the tasks you still have to do, set yourself some goals of completing one task a day. In that way your mind won’t be cluttered with unnecessary thoughts.
  3. The third exercise focuses on involving all your senses in the perception of the world. Using different sensory levels supports the learning of new knowledge.

In some situations, you may need a vitamin and mineral supplement as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Berocca®Peps is a food supplement, specially designed to be taken without water. It can help you regain your mental focus thanks to vitamin B5, which contributes to a good mental performance, and vitamins B1 and B9 which contribute to normal psychological functions.

Are you a student struggling with concentration during exam sessions? Here is a tip for you. A healthy and balanced diet is essential to stay focused during exams. An active lifestyle combined with a diet rich in vitamins can boost your concentration. Don’t forget to chill out and relax. Sometimes a brain needs time to recover to be able to focus on revision later. 

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