Berocca® Performance Mango Effervescent Tablets

A clinically tested tablet with 13 essential vitamins and minerals. Berocca® supports the release of energy so you can be at your best, whatever daily challenges you’re facing.

Getting your Berocca® couldn’t be simpler. Drop a tablet into a glass of water and leave it to dissolve. Take maximum one a day. Whether you have a busy day ahead or studying for exams, Berocca® is a little drop of positivity to support you feeling at your best. Spark your energy!

Available in four packs , 10 pack, 20 pack 30 and 45s pack.

1Huskisson E, et al. The role of Vitamins and minerals in energy metabolism and wellbeing. The journal of international medical reach. 2007;35:277-289

2South African Health Products Regulatory Authority. COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINES - HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS SAFETY AND EFFICACY. [Online] 03 02 2020. [Cited: 03 02 2020.] 7.04_SE_Health_Supplements_Jun16_v2 .

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